The thin air of the Sierra Nevada Mountains means our students learn how to fly in a power-limited environment. Training from our primary base in Truckee California, students are taught safe techniques for pinnacle, slope, and landings on rocky or snow-capped mountains, at altitudes equivalent to 10,000 feet.

Training during cold winters will challenge you amidst gusting winds and whiteout conditions.  Summer days at high altitudes limit your available power. So, you’ll learn to finesse the controls to squeeze out maximum performance. Difficult high altitude scenario-based training will prepare you for future employment around the world.


HeliTahoe flight Academy provides the highest standard of training and teaches safe techniques for pinnacle, slope, and confined landings. In the power-limited environment of the Sierra Nevada mountains. Our pilots’ skills are honed and tested under some of the most formidable circumstances. You’ll learn how to handle gusty winds, diminutive engine output, and landing zones surrounded by dense tree cover.

This true-to-life experience will distinguish you within this highly competitive field. Most employers prefer pilots who can navigate challenging winds and mountainous environments. Employers prefer pilots who have trained in real-world settings far above sea level.

Truckee Base Headquarter

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